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Illinois Work Permits

Liberty is now authorized to issue Work Permits!

Illinois Labor Law states that a minor may not work at most types of jobs before the age of 16. There is an exception to this law. Minors under age 16 who wish to get a job, must obtain an official "Employment Certificate" from the Illinois Department of Labor, a.k.a. "Work Permit," in order to do so legally.  The work permit is awarded to those under the age of 16 years who have demonstrated that they are entering the work force willingly, will be working in an acceptable work environment for younger people (e.g., not in a dangerous job, or for unacceptably long hours), and will not be interfering with their education by doing so.

Who is eligible to obtain a Work Permit?

Anyone who is at least 14 years old may obtain a Work Permit for some non-dangerous jobs. Note: some types of jobs have conditions.* See Example Below.

What Jobs are Approved for Minors?

The Labor Laws which describe the types of jobs that a minor may legally perform are complex. In general, any potentially hazardous jobs like carpentry work, roofing, or quarry mining, are not allowed.  In addition, the number of hours that a minor may work is severely limited during school days, and also limited for any particular week.  Liberty's Issuing Officer will have the current guidelines, and will take the time to make a good determination about your situation.  The Employer also has the responsibility of knowing & following the Labor Laws.

Actors, Entertainers, Models, Performing Artists & the following unions: AGVA, SAG/AFTRA, Actor's Equity Association, AFM

*Special Parental Supervision is Required for these Jobs:  If the minor is to be employed in an entertainment field, a parent must be present at all performances, shoots, etc.,  and there is a limit to the number of performances, shoots, etc. that may be required of the minor - per day and per week.

Who Issues Work Permits?

LLAA is certified to issue work permits for its students. You must be a duly enrolled student at LLAA to qualify.

How to obtain a Work Permit?

Call LLAA for forms and information. The application form and all required documents must be submitted to the LLAA "Issuing Officer."  Only the LLAA Issuing Officer is able to submit your forms & documents to the IL Dept. of Labor. The following documents must also be submitted:

  1. IL Dept. of Labor Employment Certificate Application Form
  2. A statement from the minor's prospective employer describing the job and exact hours the minor will be working.
  3. Evidence of the minor's exact age. LLAA will require a certified Birth Certificate for its file.
  4. A Statement (on the Department of Labor's form) from the LLAA Administrator/Issuing Officer - stating the minor's name, age, social security number, grade last completed, and names of parents.  This statement should only be required if the employment is to be during the school term.
  5. A Statement of Physical Fitness signed by a physician certifying that the minor is fit to perform the job in question.

For more information, go to the Illinois Department of Labor website: Employment Certificates for Minors