Liberty Liberal Arts Academy Liberty Liberal Arts Academy

Academic, Remote & Outreach Divisions

LLAA has 3 Divisions:

Academic Division:

Enrolled Academic Students must enroll in a minimum of 3 "Core" classes, as determined per grade.

Our Academic Division is designed for Students who attend our private school in Illinois one or more days per week. A Liberty Academic Student will sit for at least one hour of classroom instruction per class. Students must also complete a rigorous homework schedule for the remaining four days per week, spending at least one hour on each class per day, for 32 weeks.

Remote Division: Liberty's Remote Division is specially designed for Student's who cannot attend school every day. We work closely with parents to select quality curriculum which is tailor-made for your Student and his or her individual learning needs. Our Remote Division is based on a five-day per week study schedule. To receive credit, Students must enroll for 5 classes, and complete one hour or more of remote instruction each week. Students also spend one hour on each class per day for a five-day week, for 32 weeks. Homework is submitted weekly, and Students take one test or quiz per week for accountability. Remote Registration Fee & Remote Tuition rates apply.

Outreach Division: Our Outreach Division is for non-Academic Students. You do not need to be a Liberty Academic Student to attend these select Outreach classes. Each Outreach class consists of one hour of class, one day per week. See our website for Outreach Classes. Outreach Class Registration Fee & Teacher Compensation apply.

For Tuition information, please call Liberty (630) 272-9021.