Liberty Liberal Arts Academy™


Christian Learning, Following God, Serving Others

A Private Christian Academy in Bartlett, IL

March 2019

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St Patrick used Ireland's Shamrock to teach the 

Irish about the Trinity

Bulletin Board


March 25th - March 29th

Mac Prom Saturday April 6th

Info Here: MAC PROM

Liberty is raising $ for Immanuel's

Bell Fund - Donate Here: Repair the Bell

A Cappella Teen Choir

Go Tell It A Cappella

Spring Choir Concert 

Wednesday, May 15th   Time 5:00 pm

Singing the National Anthem @

Chicago Freeze Hockey/Fox Valley Ice Arena

Saturday, March 30 @ 7:05pm

Student's Corner

NATS Musical Theater

Singing Competition Apr 13th

Harper College - Break a Leg!

CLT College Entrance Exam @ Liberty

Register Now for May 18th

Choir Director & Members Past & Present

2019 - 2020 Choir Auditions - Sept 4th

Liberty Issues IL Work Permits

to 14 & 15 year old Students

Students as Servants Club

March Service Project 

Corbella Clinic Baby Bottle Campaign

Corbella means 'Beautiful Heart'

CLT College Entrance Exam



CLT College Entrance Exam @ Liberty

May 18th

Register Here:  CLT Exam

Liberty is proud to partner with CLT

Liberty Award

Leanne Oleson Memorial Liberty Award

for Reflecting the Light of Christ in Service

Open to all Registered Liberty Students

Contact us for more information