Go Tell it A Cappella Choir

Audition for Liberty's Go Tell it A Cappella™ Teen Choir!

You do not have to attend Liberty school to be in our Choir!

Being in a formal Choir will improve your singing voice in these ways:

  • Learn how to harmonize & blend your voice with others
  • Improve your timing & dynamics
  • Discover how to monitor your sound
  • Learn expressive techniques & vocal percussion
  • Develop your musical ear
  • Reduce performance anxiety
  • Understand musical theory & learn how to read music
  • Be around others who share your love for singing!

Auditions are Required!

Non-Liberty Student Auditions: Sign up for audition time-slot at Liberty on Wed. January 13th beginning @ 3:00 pm

Audition Requirements: 

  • Come prepared to sing approx. 32 bars (or 1 minute) of a song of your choice
  • Bring your own music & recording device! 
  • Tara Yen, our Liberty Choir Director, will test your voice for range
  • You may briefly sing with other Choir members


Liberty Fee If selected for choir :  $100 per family, per year payable to "LLAA" on Audition Day

Choir Driector Fee:  $25 PER MONTH + $5 PER SEMESTER MUSIC FEE. 1st payment due on Audition Day

CHOIR YEAR:  September through May

QUESTIONS? Call Liberty at (630) 272-9021