(2015-2016 Members: go to STEPS 2 & 3 below to Register & Pay)

Our Membership process is required for the safety of our children.

1. CLICK “REQUEST MEMBERSHIP” & COMPLETE ALL ONLINE FORMS:   Before registering, each family must complete all the required forms: Photo Release, Statement of Faith, Dress Code, Release & Waiver, Emergency & Medical Info, LLAA Policy & Rule Handbook Acceptance.

TO DO THIS, SELECT A PASSWORD, THEN LOGIN: The “FORMS” button is at the bottom left of the page. Place your cursor over the FORMS BUTTON. A drop-down menu will appear. Click on each of the Forms on the list. Read/complete/e-sign, then click the “Submit” button at bottom of each Form. Stay here and do this until all 6 Forms are completed! If you skip a form, your entire request is incomplete, and you must begin again.

2.  FAMILY INTERVIEW REQUIRED: CALL ANN AT (630) 272-9021. For safety reasons, LLAA requires Birth Certificates for all Students and a face-to-face interview with the entire family. You will be “parked” in our system until this is completed.

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: What to Bring & What to Expect at the Family Interview:

  • Every child attending LLAA & both spouses.
  • Official Certified Copies of Birth Certificates for all prospective Students – no exceptions! We must keep one for our records.
  • Proficiency in the English Language is required at LLAA. An English Proficiency Test may be administered.

3.  WAIT FOR APPROVAL TO REGISTER: Shortly after your Family Interview, you will receive a notice by email.

STEP 2: REGISTER FOR CLASSES & SELECT REGISTRATION TYPE  (print this or open a separate window to follow along)

1. LOGIN:  You must be logged in to Register.

2.  CLICK ON “CLASS REGISTRATION.” The Class Matrix will open. Click on the class. The Class Box will open. You will see name of class, time, Teacher’s name & Compensation/Supply/Deposit fees. There are also “Class Description” and “Teacher’s Name” links for further information on the class.  

  • On the UPPER RIGHT side of each open Class Box, you will see a “Register” Button. Class fees are not free - Only registration fees are due! Find class fees on the Class Description page. You will see boxes for each family member. An asterisk * indicates a parent name. (To reserve an Adult's spot in class, Go back into the "Directory" and add the Adult's name into the blue "child's" information box).
  • TO REGISTER: Check the box next to each person you are registering for that class, and then click on the “Register” button. You will receive a "successful registration" pop-up box for each successful registration.
  • Do this for each class and person you wish to register.

3.  Go back out to the Class Matrix & go to the Registration Area of the Matrix - Find this all the way at the top of the Class Matrix - above the class schedule "2017-2018 Registration." Click on this and the box will open.

4.  While inside this open Registration box, select one child's name by checking their box.  This will activate payment. Do not forget this step!

5.  Go back out to the Class Matrix & go to the UPPER RIGHT. Click on the gray icon "View Class Registration Summary." Scroll Down the page until you see: "View Statement of Account." CLICK ON  "View Statement of Account." This will generate your LLAA invoice in our system. Do not forget this step!


6.  Under your balance due amount, you must check the teeny-tiny "Pay All" box. The "Pay Now" box will activate by lighting up.

7.  Click the lighted orange "PAY NOW" button. This will take you out of LLAA's sytem and into PayPal. Follow instructions for online payment through PayPal and click "Friends & Family" before paying.

8.  If you must pay by check or by any other way, call Ann at (630) 272-9021 for instructions.

9. Your registration will not activate unless payment is made.

Discounted Tuition, Class Fees & Costs are not available at LLAA. We do not offer Refunds, Scholarships, or Discounted Tuition, Class Fees & Costs.  As Members, Teachers, Families & Administrators we have agreed to a strict No-Discount policy in order to attract and keep qualified Teachers and in fairness to other Member families who honor their agreement to pay in full.