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LLAA Fees & Costs


Liberty's Fees 2018-2019:

  • Open Registration Fee through July 31st:  $250.00 per year, per Family for Academic Division
  • Late Registration Fee Applies for the remainder of the Academic Year - beginning August 1st & after:  $350.00 per year, per Family for Academic Division
  • Registration Fee for 2018-2019:  $100.00 per year, per Family for Outreach Division (Choir & Debate)
  • Monthly Administrative Fees: $12.00 per month, per Family for 2 children. See below if more than 2 children
  • Teacher Compensation & Supply Fees: See Class Descriptions

There are 3 Fees to Pay at Liberty (4 if you opt out of volunteering in Academic Division):

1.  Registration Fee: Charged for Liberty Academic Division and Outreach Division Families:  A once-per-year and per-Student Registration Fee is charged for all Liberty Divisions. Charged in full no matter what time of year you enroll.

2. Monthly Administration Fee: Academic Division Only. A once-per-month, per family Monthly Administration Fee (amount depends on # of children and volunteer ability).

3.  Individual Teacher's Compensation & Supply Fees for Academic, Outreach, and Remote Divisions: Are charged per Student, per month, and are paid directly to the Teacher.

4.  Volunteer Opt-Out Fee: For Academic Division Only*$250.00 per family, per year Opt Out Fee to LLAA if a Parent will not be volunteering every week, or $30 per month if you discontinue volunteering during the year. (*See Below). Opt Out Fee is due at Registration or when volunteering stops.


A. Academic Division Registration Fee: Open Registration until July 31st: $250.00 / Late Registration after August 1st & after: $350.00

  • Our Academic Division Registration Fee is due no matter what time of the school year you enroll.
  • Academic Registration Fees are payable at time of Acceptance and before Registration.
  • Liberty Academic Students Registration Fee is per year, per family.

B. Outreach Division Registration Fee (Non-Liberty Academic enrolled Students), CHOIR or DEBATE: $100.00

  • Our Outreach Division Registration Fee is due no matter what time of the school year you enroll.
  • Outreach Registration Fees are payable at time of Acceptance and before Registration.
  • Outreach Division Registration Fee is per year, per family.
  • Monthly Administration Fee does not apply to Outreach students.

C. Remote Division Registration Fee: Call Liberty for Remote Fees & Tuition

  • Our Remote Division Registration Fee is due no matter what time of the school year you enroll.
  • Remote Registration Fees are payable at time of Acceptance and before Registration.
  • Remote Division Registration Fee is per year, per Student.
  • Monthly Administration Fee does not apply to Remote students.

2.  MONTHLY ADMINISTRATION FEE APPLY FOR ENROLLED LIBERTY ACADEMIC FAMILIES ONLY: The following Admin Fees apply to all children who come to Liberty, whether enrolled or not.

  • $12.00 per family, per month with 1-2 children 
  • $14.00 per family, per month with 3 children 
  • $16.00 per family, per month with 4 children 
  • $20.00 per family, per month with 5+ children 
  • Monthly ADMIN FEES are payable as follows:
    • Orientation Day: September Admin  Fees are Due
    • Oct through May: Due on the First Wednesday of each Month


  • See each Teacher's Class Description for their Monthly class fees & Semester Supply fees.
  • Teacher's Class Deposits/Semester Supply Fee Due Date: Payable to Teacher by first week in July. See Class Box inside our Registration Matrix for details. 

4. WEEKLY VOLUNTEERING IS REQUIRED FOR ALL ACADEMIC DIVISION FAMILIES: Each Family must sign up for at least one volunteer position for every child attending.

  • An additional hour of volunteer service is required for each additional child that you bring to LLAA, whether enrolled or not.
  • OPT-OUT FEE: *We understand that there are special circumstances. However, if you cannot or do not sign up for a volunteer position, an Opt Out Fee will be assessed at $250 due at Registration, or if you discontinue volunteering, a fee of $30 per month will be charged.

DISCOUNTED CLASS PRICES ARE NOT AVAILABLE: We believe it is our mission and our goal to provide affordable Christian education by providing quality instruction from Teachers who are highly qualified in their field of study. Our fees and costs are far below that of any private Christian school in the area. The instruction provided at LLAA is well-above State standards for education. All enrolled Families agree that they will refrain from seeking discounted fees and costs. All Teachers have agreed that they will charge their stated class price per student, and they will not offer select students discounted prices. By Registering, you are agreeing to this policy. 

NON-REFUNDABLE: All LLAA fees, deposits, compensation, and costs are non-refundable and non-proratable.

By Registering, you are agreeing to all of LLAA's Mission Statement, Handbook, and Policies.

Liberty's Mission Statement

Educating Outside the Box & Inside the Church™: Christian Learning, Following God, Serving Others

All Fundraising overages are the property of LLAA.