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Our Philosophy of Education at Liberty

At Liberty, we believe students are best equipped by using the Classical approach to learning, and by integrating an interactive learning model that stresses the importance of reading, writing, speaking, and understanding content and creative discovery, all while practicing being a person of good character.

Our teachers use the Socratic method of teaching in each class and utilize instructional methods that are both explanatory and exploratory, with a strong emphasis on creativity, critical thinking, writing, public speaking, and academic projects & research.  

Christian discipleship and community service are expected and emphasized here at Liberty.

All classes at Liberty are taught within the framework of a biblical worldview, encouraging our students to learn and discover more about how God has uniquely designed them as His loved and purposefully-designed children.

We believe that Christian Education is:

1. A parent-directed process

2. A multi-generational ministry

3. Focused on the character development of the child

4. One that instills a healthy pursuit of academic excellence

5. Concerned with the spiritual objective of setting our children’s hope in God

6. Focused on the priority of God’s Word, the saving works of Jesus Christ, and the keeping of His commandments