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CLT Exam

There's a new College Entrance Test - CLT Exam - and Liberty loves it! We love it so much, that Liberty is a CLT Exam Site and Certified Proctor. See Liberty Testing Dates Below.

What is the CLT Exam?

The CLT is not merely another college entrance exam, it is a college-maturing exam. That is, it intends to not merely provide colleges with another pool of applicants, though it will; it is intended to provide colleges with a pool of applicants who will become the academic and moral standard bearers of their institutions and departments. The test is designed in such a way as to attract, assess, and admit the best students, those who will not only be intellectually prepared for college but also those who are virtuously and ethically prepared for higher academic studies.

Finally, a College Entrance Exam that is Values-based!


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CLT Exam Dates at Liberty:

 2017:   September 16   —   November 11   
2018:   February 3  —  May 19


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