· Better prepared for adulthood

· Loved by College Admissions Offices

· Know how to advocate for themselves

· Not intimidated by crowds

· Can pretend your jokes are funny

· Have improved enunciation skills

· Become expert note-takers

· Can persuade like no other

· Put themselves in other people’s shoes

· Able to smell a lie a mile away

· Read really fast

· Develop great poker faces

· Have the best weird stories to tell

· Know what research is good and what is hogwash

· Stay on top of current events

· Become engaged citizens

· Able to speak cordially to their enemies

· Become the best writers

· Developed the “All-Nighter,” which you will understand in college

· Know how to expertly deal with failure & embarrassment

· And finally… Debaters are all about teamwork!


You don’t have to be a Liberty member to join Debate!

LIBERTY FEE for Non-Liberty Members: $100 per family payable at Registration

TEACHER FEES: Payable to Anna Johansen $255 per year payable in 9 monthly installments of $25 + a one-time $15 Supply Fee due in September

DEBATE YEAR: September through May

QUESTIONS? Call LIberty at (630) 272-9021

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