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Thank you for your interest in getting to know us!

Liberty Liberal Arts Academy™ (LLAA) is a private Christian educational program in the Fox Valley, Illinois area that offers an affordable, creative, and challenging curriculum of classes. Educating Outside the Box and Inside the Church™ is our mission.

How did LLAA Begin?

LLAA had already been working in the community for several years tutoring individual students and providing educational curriculum and accountability for Students who required flexibility in their schedules. A need arose in the community to offier LLAA's unique, creative, and challenging Classical curriculum in a private setting to a greater number of Christian families. Today, we still have many Students in our Remote School Divison but our Hybrid School Division joyfully gathers under one roof for a 32-week school year.

LLAA's Goals

It is LLAA's goal to meet high school graduation requirements while adequately preparing students for college and for a life that honors God. At the middle/high school level especially, many parents express feelings of frustration in trying to find a well-rounded private liberal arts education that meets the particular needs of their student and that really gets them ready for college.

Elementary Education, Middle School, and High School at LLAA

LLAA offers Elementary Education, Middle School Education, and High School Education. Our classes are small and personal. Our Teachers understand that each student learns differently. LLAA uses a wide variety of teaching strategies which are designed to help each type of student learner achieve success.

A Classical, Biblical Approach to Learning

We use Classical curriculum. That means that we are using the time-proven method of the Biblical Trivium (knowledge, understanding & wisdom) for teaching that focuses on training Students in the truth, beauty, and goodness of the world that God has created. We choose God-honoring curriculum that fits the Student where he or she is developmentally, but also curriculum that causes the Student to love learning.

Liberty Liberal Arts Academy will provide your Christian family with the very best private liberal arts education in the Fox Valley, Illinois area.