Professional Children's School

Dress Code


As an Enrollment Condition in all Divisions, each Student, Parent/Guardian, Sibling, Teacher, and Visitor to Liberty and Liberty events agrees that they will dress modestly according to this Liberty Dress Code. This Liberty Dress Code is designed to ensure that everyone is dressed modestly to promote a serious academic atmosphere; to eliminate distractions to learning; and to encourage relationships based on individual character rather than outward appearance.

  • For safety reasons, flip-flops & croc-style shoes are not allowed.
  • Bare torsos, backs, shoulders, upper thighs, and revealing, provocative, or immodest attire are not permitted.
  • Undergarments must not be seen through any clothing and must not be visible.
  • Extremely tight tops, dresses/skirts, pants/shorts are not permitted.
  • No clothing with inappropriate words or symbols shall be worn.
  • The Liberty Head of School (Principal) shall solely decide whether a particular garment is inappropriate.


All shirts, tops, bodices & dresses must have a sleeve, and all sleeves must be on the top of your shoulder, not pulled down off the shoulder

The rules as to Shirts, tops, & dress bodices are:

  • Tanks, Strapless, Backless, Off-the-shoulder, Cold-shoulder/Peep-through Shoulder, Spaghetti Strings, Straps, Halters, Midriffs, Low-cut, exposed cleavage, too short, or extremely tight are NOT allowed.
  • Tops that do not cover undergarments completely are NOT allowed.
    • Bras, Camisoles, and Undergarments of any sort must NOT be visible.

The test to determine whether your top is long enough: raise hands & arms straight up above the head, next to ears. If any portion of your midriff is exposed, the top is too short, and cannot be worn at Liberty or Liberty Events.


The rules for pants, bottoms, shorts, bottoms of dresses, skirts, etc. are:

  • Mini-shorts, short-shorts, mini-skirts, and mini-dresses are NOT allowed. Shorts, skirts & dresses must extend lower than the student’s fingertips when standing upright.
  • Short-shorts, mini-skirts, and mini-dresses may not be worn over tights or leggings and are NOT allowed. Rule of thumb: the outer attire must extend lower than the student’s fingertips when standing upright.
  • Pants must be worn appropriately around the waist, NOT hanging below the hip.
  • Undergarments must NOT be visible.
  • Holes (either whole or partial, or partially ripped through) in jeans, pants, bottoms, shorts, dresses, skirts, or any garment below the waist, which are cut anywhere above where the student’s fingertips reach when arms are hanging at sides are NOT allowed.
  • NO Stretch Pants or Leggings shall be worn unless the top or dress completely covers the top of the legs in front and completely covers the "entire rear" of the body.
    • Stretch Pant/Legging with Top Length Exception: if you are a Student or Teacher in a Dance Class or a Master Class with Dance included - and - the stretch pants/leggings are not so tight as to crease inside your body parts - and - all other modesty rules are followed (such as - no midriffs, etc.).


  • Appropriate attire includes everything listed in Liberty's Dress Code here, and:
    • Formal Attire for Young Men means a suit or tuxedo - with a tie.
    • Formal Attire for Young Women means a dress or gown, either floor length or below the knee.


  • If a Student, Parent/Guardian, Sibling, Teacher, or Visitor to Liberty or a Liberty event has any doubt as to whether clothing is inappropriate, consider it inappropriate (i.e. NOT appropriate for wearing at Liberty or a Liberty event).
  • If you are wearing inappropriate clothing, you will have the option of going home to change or wear what we give you over the banned clothing for the day. If you wear clothing with holes, you agree that Liberty has the right to apply thick, sticky duct tape over all inappropriate holes, even if it ultimately ruins the garment. Liberty is not liable for ruined garments. You may also be removed from event participation.
  • Please save yourself embarrassment from being called out by a Liberty Staff member, or Pastor/Staff/Church Member.
  • Those inappropriately dressed for Prom will not be allowed to participate.
  • Dress Code issues may be called into question at any time a Liberty Staff member may notice or be notified.
  • Persistent dress code violations will result in your being terminated from the Academy.