Professional Children's School

Liberty's Professional Children's Academy

Providing a rigorous Christian College Preparatory Education for Professional Students.

Our curriculum is individually designed for your Student from 1st grade through 12th grade. An extended school year is allowed, provided all work is completed by June 15th in the Academic Year of study. Regular meetings with an Advisor are required.

Check us out if your child has specific educational challenges because he or she is a:

  • Child Actor, Model, Musician, Dancer, Athlete, etc.
  • Child who Works
  • Trains at a High Level of Intensity
  • Missionary Kid
  • World Traveler

We understand that professional schedules become hectic during certain seasons in the academic year. Liberty partners with you to educate your child in spite of his or her unique schedule, while at the same time maintaining academic excellence. Parents and Students commit to a high level of cooperation in order to successfully accomplish a well-rounded education. Exceeding the Illinois State Board of Education and the Wisconsin DPI Guidelines, Liberty offers credits for classes, including transcripts and high school diplomas.

Liberty also:

  • Certifies Academics & Enrollment for: SAG-AFTRA, AEA, AFM/CFM, AGMA, AGVA, IATSEOlympics & Jr. Olympics (USOC, AAU, USATF), and various Talent Agencies & Sports Federations
  • Works with State Boards of Education & laws to ensure that specific requirements are met
  • Is a Certified Issuing Officer of the Dept. of Labor - we issue Employment Certificates

Liberty has educated Actors (Stage, Commercial, and Film), Singers, Models, Musicians & Pianists, Dancers, Children who travel extensively or are out of the country for a season, Missionary Kids, and Athletes in these sports: Soccer, Gynmastics, Golf, Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Rowing, Rugby, Tennis, Track & Field, Skiing, Snowboarding, Cycling, Master Marksmen, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball, Skating, Martial Arts, Weight Lifting, and Equestrian.