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Musical Production Audition Information


· There will be a total of 6 full evening & matinee performances and 2 school-day shows.

· Tech Week is the week before the first full show. You will be rehearsing every evening during Tech Week.

· The two school-day shows are on Thursday of Tech Week and serve as dress rehearsals.

· Opening Night is on Friday.

· “Call Time” is the time that you must be present in the theater. There are Rehearsal Call Times and Show Call Times.

· See Blackboard for Rehearsal & Show Dates & Call Times, and to sign up/pay for Tech Week Meals.


· Only Liberty students may Audition.

· LOGIN to Blackboard and click on the “Musical Production” page.

· COMPLETE THE ONLINE AUDITION FORMS: Please complete all pages (Including the Costume Sizing page). We access your Audition Forms online, so no need to print them.

· The rehearsal schedule and performance dates, tech week & call times, etc. will be posted online and in print (in Cafeteria and Office) 2 weeks prior to the Audition Date. Subject to Change.

· CONFLICTS LIST – IMPORTANT! BEFORE AUDITION DAY: Make a list of all dates and times which you know you will not be able to attend or might not be able to attend (your “Conflicts List”).

· Conflicts not on your List (other than illness) after casting, are not allowed.

· You may not leave rehearsal early.

· You must be at all performances.

· Bring your Conflicts List with you on Audition Day


· Attend the Information Meeting immediately after classes on the first day of the Semester. A sample live run-through of a typical Audition will be enacted by our Drama Team.

· Sign up for an Audition Time Slot (On the “Musical Production” page on Blackboard). This is the only way to sign up.

· Prepare a 1 to 2-minute solo song in the style of the show, and within your singing range. Time yourself. If your song goes over, the Director will stop you, mid-song.

· Your song may begin and end anywhere in the song which best showcases your vocal ability.

· You must sing your song “off-book” (memorized).

· Sing with a karaoke track – music only - no vocals.

· Practice cueing up your music track on your device and be prepared to communicate special tech information with our Drama Team volunteers - before you are called to Audition.

· Choose & practice your monologue (a speaking part within the show script). Several monologues for you to choose from will be available in print 1 week before Audition Day (Available in the Cafeteria and the Office).

NOTE: THERE WILL BE A VOCAL & DANCE AUDITION MASTERCLASS BEFORE AUDITIONS! Masterclass will be conducted with non-Directors/judges. Check the “Musical Productions” page on Blackboard for Masterclass dates and prices. Very useful, great tips, great feedback & instruction. Come prepared with your song. Wise to attend.


· Bring your Conflicts List to your Audition - Make a note on your cellphone!

· If you want to bring a change of clothes for the Dance Audition, you may – but you must comply with Liberty’s Dress Code.

· Bring Water.

· Arrive at least 30 minutes BEFORE your Audition time.

· Go to CHECK-IN: Receive your Audition Number and affix it in front to your upper left or right side, near your shoulder for judges to see.

· At CHECK-IN: List ALL your rehearsal and show conflicts & sign the Conflict Form. List dates and times. BE HONEST. If you are unsure, list the dates and times, what you will be doing, and that the event is tentative. Give the Director enough information to make an informed casting decision. We want to be sure that the cast has enough time to fully prepare for the performances.

· Those who do not list all conflicts will be cut from the show and the part will be re-cast.

· Song & Monologue Auditions are OPEN. This means that others - auditioners, directors, teachers, parents, students, siblings, etc. - will be able to watch this portion of your Audition.

You will be separated into Audition Groups:

· When your group is called, enter the theater, and give your device with your song open and cued up to our Drama Team, or tell them you have an accompanist.

· Sit in the seats near the stage, in order of your Audition Number - the lowest number will sit closest to the stage.

When your Audition Number is called:

· Walk onstage and up to the front of the stage - in front of the Director/judges.

· Introduce yourself with confidence in a voice that the Director/judges can hear. For Example: State your name, grade, age, and song which you will be performing.

· VOCAL AUDITION: The first of your auditions. When you are ready to begin singing, nod to the Drama Team volunteers at the music table to begin cueing up the music for your song.

· If there is a technical problem – wait patiently for the Drama Team to fix the issue and wait for their cue to begin or begin again. (Remain calm, tech problems happen!).

· MONOLOGUE AUDITION: After your song is completed, stay put onstage, and wait patiently for the Director and all judges to look up from their casting ballots. When ready, the Director will nod for you to begin your monologue.

· Do not announce the part you are going to read - just go right into your monologue.

· After your monologue, wait for the Director to dismiss you, and exit the stage closest to your seat. Sit down with your Audition Group until you are all dismissed to the Dance Director.

· DANCE AUDITION: While other Auditions are taking place, the Dance Director will take your group to another room where you will learn and perform a short group dance routine. You will have time to change into dance attire. This portion of the Audition is closed to outsiders.


· All Auditions are live – no video auditions will be accepted.

· Your Audition will consist of a 1 to 2-minute solo song, a 1-minute monologue from the script, and a team dance routine to learn and perform.

· Please bring your song music (music track) on a device that can be plugged into our speaker, or bring your own speaker already paired and cued up to your device. Turn off sound notifications and security settings so our Drama Team can access your song.

· Remember: Your music track must be without vocals. If you have trouble finding a track, please see the Show and Vocal Director.

· If you prefer, you may bring an accompanist to play the music for your Audition. Please notify the Director the week before your Audition to ensure that a keyboard or piano will be available.

RECORDING RULE: Only a parent, sibling, aunt, uncle, or grandparent is allowed to record your audition. Other Attendees are not allowed to record the auditions of those students who are not in their families. No exceptions.

SOUND CHECK THE WEEK BEFORE AUDITIONS: Please check that your device is compatible with our system – to do this, meet with our Drama Team in the Auditorium during the last half hour of lunch the week before the Audition date. If you give us enough time, we will make it work!

CALLBACKS: The Callback List will be posted on Blackboard sometime after all Auditions close, and by 8 am the following morning before you report for Callbacks.

· Don’t Fret if you do not receive a Callback! Not everyone or every part will require a Callback.

· Callbacks happen when the Directors need to see more before casting certain parts or ordering vocal or dance ensembles.

· If you receive a Callback, it will specifically state what you will be called back for, such as: A certain named part, a vocal ensemble, and/or a dance ensemble.

· You may receive a callback for just one part/ensemble, or for several parts/ensembles.

· If you receive a Dance Callback: Bring Dance Shoes*, wear Dance Attire or Loose Clothing: but be sure to dress according to Liberty’s Dress Code.

· Check Blackboard for Callback Instructions. You may need to review certain songs or lines, which will be specifically explained.

· Bring water & lunch, fruit, or snacks, and expect to spend the entire day (not past 5 or 6 pm).

*Dance Shoes: Character, Jazz, or Ballet (if you do not have these, wear a comfortable flat).


The Cast List will be posted at Liberty and on Blackboard at Noon on the Monday following the Callback date.

If you are cast in the musical...

COVERS will be cast in the musical for all lead, speaking, and ensemble parts. A Cover will learn the role that they are covering in case the student cast in that role should become ill or unable to perform. You will be notified by the Director if you are considered for serving as a cover. A Cover will also be assigned a role of their own in the show.


Backstage lighting, gaff, soundboard/ mic table, costume/quick change, props, house, refreshments, set construction/painting, prop & program art design, and program ad sales volunteers are needed.

All Volunteers must be Liberty Students, Parents, or Family Members.

All Backstage Volunteers must complete our background check at no charge.