Liberty Liberal Arts Academy™

LLAA Fees & Costs


Liberty's Fees for the 2018-2019 Academic Year: 

Academic Division - Registration is closed for the Academic Year

Remote Division: Registration is open all year

Outreach Division - Classes Open for Registration:

  • SBG Fitness: Open all year
  • Choir: Auditions will open in January for Second Semester 

Liberty's Fees:

  • Non-Refundable Registration Fee: All Divisions
  • Teacher Compensation Fees: All Divisions
  • Teacher Supply Fees: All Divisions
  • Monthly Administrative Fees: Academic Division Only
  • Volunteer Opt-out Fee: Academic Division Only

Abridged Explanation of Fees & Policies:

1.  Non-Refundable Registration Fee: Charged for All Divisions:  A once-per-year and per-Family Registration Fee is charged for all Liberty Divisions, in full, no matter what time of year you enroll. This fee is not for future services. It is for registration only and is non-refundable.

2.  Teacher's Compensation Fees: Charged for all Divisions. Charged per Student, per enrolled Class. Paid directly to the Teacher.

3.  Teacher's Supply Fees: Charged for all Divisions. Charged per Student, per enrolled Class. Paid directly to the Teacher.

4.  Monthly Administration Fee: Academic Division Only. A once-per-month, per family Monthly Administration Fee (amount depends on # of children and volunteer ability).

5.  Volunteer Opt-Out Fee: Academic Division Only: *$250.00 per family, per year Opt Out Fee to LLAA if a Parent will not be volunteering every week, or $270 per year/$30 per month if you discontinue volunteering during the year. (*See Below). Opt Out Fee is due at Registration or when volunteering stops.

DISCOUNTED CLASS PRICES ARE NOT AVAILABLE: We believe it is our mission and our goal to provide affordable Christian education by providing quality instruction from Teachers who are highly qualified in their field of study. Our fees and costs are far below that of any private Christian school in the area. The instruction provided at LLAA is well-above State standards for education. All enrolled Families agree that they will refrain from seeking discounted fees and costs. All Teachers have agreed that they will charge their stated class price per student.

NON-REFUNDABLE: All fees paid to LLAA and to Teachers, including but not limited to registration, administration, compensation, supply fees, and other fees paid are non-refundable and non-proratable - even if you do not attend classes for the year. Teacher compensation and LLAA fees are due and owing in-full before classes begin. Fees paid to LLAA and to Teachers are not for future services.

REGISTRATION & E-SIGNATURE: By Registering, you are agreeing to all of LLAA's Mission Statement, Handbook, Rules, and Policies. Your e-signature is legally binding. When an e-signature has a minor's name typed-in on an e-form, LLAA will accept the e-form with the understanding that an adult in the family has completed all online forms and signed their own name as legally binding to the agreements in the Handbook.

FUNDRAISERS: All Fundraising monies are the property of LLAA.

Liberty's Mission Statement:

Educating Outside the Box & Inside the Church™: Christian Learning, Following God, Serving Others