Liberty Liberal Arts Academy™

Liberty's Philosophy of Education

At Liberty, everything we do encompasses our clear Mission Statement: 

Educating Outside the Box & Inside the Church ™: Christian Learning, Following God, Serving Others

Christian Learning:  At Liberty, we believe Students are best-equipped by using the Classical approach to learning, and by integrating an "Outside the Box & Inside the Church" learning model, which has served in greatly improving our Student's understanding of content and in fostering a self-generated desire for creative discovery.

Liberty's class sizes are deliberately small, and we want it that way. We believe that small class-size gives our Students the ability to learn and grow in their knowledge. Small class-size makes even the shyest and quietest of Students feel safe and participate in class. Small class-size gives our Teachers the ability to know every Student, making sure every Student learns and does not fall through the cracks, as they often do in classes with large enrollment.

Our highly qualified teachers use the Socratic method of teaching in each class and engage Students in both explanatory and exploratory instruction. We place a strong emphasis on creativity, critical thinking, writing, public speaking, and academic projects & research.  

At Liberty, we believe that Christian Education is:

  1. A parent-directed process - Parents are expected to have a high level of commitment in partnering with us in the education of their children. At Liberty, Parents understand that God places the ultimate responsibility for their child's education on them.
  2. A multi-generational ministry - grandparents, aunts, uncles, & older siblings often assist the education process.
  3. Focused on developing a good moral character for the Student - moving every Student towards Christian maturity and understanding a biblical worldview.
  4. One that instills a healthy (not over-loaded) pursuit of academic excellence.
  5. Concerned with the spiritual objective of setting our children’s hope in God.
  6. Focused on the priority of God’s Word, the saving works of Jesus Christ, and the keeping of His commandments.

Following God:  All classes at Liberty are taught within the framework of a biblical worldview, encouraging our students to learn and discover more about how God has uniquely designed them as His loved and purposefully-designed children. We encourage students to attend lunchtime devotions, Bible studies, and Bible classes for credit to learn more about following God.

Serving Others: We expect our Students to become involved in Christian service to others. We believe that serving others helps our Students to grow in Christian maturity, to become a young adult of good moral character, and to better understand what it means to have the perspective of a biblical worldview.