Professional Children's School

Choir, Debate & Fine Arts


Early Registration: July 7, 2019

Final Registration: Orientation Day, September 4, 2019


Auditions are required for all new Choir Members

  • Audition Date:  Wednesday, September 4, 2019
  • Please Reserve an Audition Timeslot - call the telephone number on our Contact page
  • Closed Solo Audition: Your Solo Audition will be closed to all others
  • Your Solo Audition will be about 10 minutes, but also be prepared to stay later to sing with our Choir
  • Solo Audition Requirements:
    • Come prepared to sing approx. 32 bars (1 minute) of a song of your choice
    • You may sing an a cappella song, or
    • If you sing a song with music accompaniment for your audition:
      • Bring sheet music for piano (our Choir Director will play), or 
      • Bring a recording device loaded & ready with your karaoke music track
      • Please do not bring music with others singing on the track


  • Sign up for Class Lesson Timeslot with Teacher before July 7th or on Orientation Day
  • Teacher will assign music books, Student will pay Teacher for books


  • Sign up for Speech & Debate Team with Teacher before July 7th or on Orientation Day
  • Please call Liberty for 2019-2020 team information & required supplies


  • Registration Fee is paid in full, not prorated, no matter what time in the Academic Year you join
  • Upon Acceptance, All Fees & Costs due must be paid in full prior to Student's 1st class
  •  REGISTRATION FEE: Is per Family, per Academic Year and is payable to "LLAA" on Orientation/Audition Day
  • Choir Director Fee:  Is per Student, per Month, plus
    • A per Student, per Semester Music Copy Fee
    • Admission to venues for for singing National Anthem may be assessed 
    • Fees may be collected for pre-concert meal
    • Concert dress attire will be adhered to, per Director
  • Speech & Debate Teacher Fee: Is per Student, per Month plus 
    • A per Student Supply/Materials Fee as required 
    • Competition entry & registration fees may be assessed
    • Fees may be collected for inter-competition/training meals
    • Approved Business Attire for Competition: Business suit, button down white or light blue longsleeve button down shirt & neckties for young men, Business suit, white or pastel collar or high-neck blouse or button down shirt, or 2 pc business dress/jacket for young women
  • Piano/Voice Teacher Fee & Expenses: Is per Student, per Month plus a per Student, per Sheet Music/Music Book Fee, as Teacher determines
    • Duration of a Student's lesson will alter Teacher Fee
  • All Choir Director & Teacher Fees are due on First Wednesday of Each Month


  • The Academic Year begins in September in one calendar and ends in May of the following calendar year
  • All fees are charged and paid according to the Academic Year