Professional Children's School

Choir/Music/Fine Arts

Choir, Voice, Piano, and other Fine Arts classes are in Liberty's "Outreach Division."

In our Outreach Division, Liberty offers classes to Students who are not enrolled in our Academic or Professional Children's Divisions. Liberty's Dress Code, Social Media Code, School Rules, and Registration Requirements apply to all Outreach Division Parents, Students, Siblings, and Visitors.


Payment & Registration Fees for all Outreach Division Classes are due before 1st Class

  • Fees Due:
    • Fee to "Liberty Liberal Arts Academy" is $100 per year, per family
    • Fee to Choir Director is $25 per month, per student
    • Fee to Music Teacher is charged for class-time selected. See Teacher for rates.
    • Supply Fees, Music Books, Music Sheets are charged per Teacher. See Teacher for rates.
    • 1st Semester Music/Copyright Fee to Choir Director is $5 per semester, per student
      • 2nd Semester Music/Copyright Fee is due Jan 15, 2020, per student


Auditions are Required for all New Choir Members

  • Audition Date:  Wednesday, January 15, 2020
  • Please Reserve an Audition Timeslot - call the telephone number located in the Footer below and on our Contact page
  • Closed Solo Audition: Your Solo Audition will be closed to all others - even to parents & other family members
  • Your Solo Audition will be no longer than 15 minutes
  • Solo Audition Requirements (No duets, trios, etc.):
    • Come prepared to sing approx. 32 bars (1 minute) of a song of your choice
    • You may sing an a cappella song, or
    • If you sing a song with music accompaniment for your audition:
      • Bring sheet music for piano (our Choir Director will play), or 
      • Bring a recording device loaded & ready with your karaoke music track
        • Do not bring music with others singing on the karaoke track - Use a "Music Only" karaoke track


  • Sign up for Class Lesson & Timeslot with Teacher
  • Registration Fees & Teacher's Compensation and Supply Fees are due before 1st class:
    • Fee to "Liberty Liberal Arts Academy" is $100 per year, per family, not pro-ratable.
    • Fee to Piano/Voice/Dance Teacher is charged per month, per student, and is assesed based on class time chosen.
    • Piano/Voice/Dance Teacher will assign music, books, etc. Student will reimburse Teacher for all music/books, etc.


  • The Liberty Registration Fee is paid in full, not prorated, no matter what time in the Academic Year you join
  • Upon Acceptance, the Liberty Registration Fee must be paid in full prior to Student's 1st class
  • Upon Acceptance, the 1st month of the Teacher Fee & all Semester Music/Copyright/Book/Supply fees must be paid in full (not prorated) prior to Student's 1st class
  • Parents acknowledge the following fees may be assessed to you during the year:
    • Admission to event venues for performing at special events
    • Concert/Recital/Music Competition meal costs
    • Competition entry & registration fees


  • Parents/Guardians & Students agree to the following as an Enrollment Condition::
    • Liberty's Dress Code for all Classroom, Concert, Recital, Competition, and Speech/Debate venues  
    • Teacher Fees for all above stated classes in Outreach Division are due on the First Wednesday of Each Month
    • All Fees are non-refundable
    • For Child Saftety & Insurance Purposes:
      • All Classes & Rehearsals are CLOSED even if your child is the only Student in the class. Liberty is a school, not a co-operative or parent-membership-based organization. Parents & Siblings who are not background-checked by Liberty may not enter the classroom or restrooms during classtime and whenever other Students are present. Please schedule a Parent-Teacher Conference outside of your child's designated class time if you wish to confer with the Teacher.
      • There is only 1 Entry & Exit Door Parents, Students & Teachers may use: This is the door to the Education Building which located in the corridor behind the Church, between the Church & the Education Building. You may not enter or exit, or open any other door in the Education Building.


  • The Academic Year begins in September in one calendar year and ends in June of the following calendar year
  • All fees are charged and paid according to the full Academic Year