Liberty Liberal Arts Academy™

An LLAA Outreach Division & Academic Division Class

Join Liberty for Team Policy Debate. You don’t have to be a Liberty Academic Student - see Outreach Division below

Debaters are…

· Better prepared for adulthood

· Loved by College Admissions Offices

· Know how to advocate for themselves

· Not intimidated by crowds

· Can pretend your jokes are funny

· Have improved enunciation skills

· Become expert note-takers

· Can persuade like no other

· Put themselves in other people’s shoes

· Able to smell a lie a mile away

· Read really fast

· Develop great poker faces

· Have the best weird stories to tell

· Know what research is good and what is hogwash

· Stay on top of current events

· Become engaged citizens

· Able to speak cordially to their enemies

· Become the best writers

· Developed the “All-Nighter,” which you will understand in college

· Know how to expertly deal with failure & embarrassment

· And finally… Debaters are all about teamwork!

FEES & COSTS: All Fees & Costs must be paid in full prior to 1st class.

Academic Division Students: Registration Fee is paid at Academic Registration time. "Debate" may be selected as a core class.

Outreach Division Students (non-Liberty School Student):

  • Registration:  $100 per family per Academic Year payable to "LLAA"
  • Registration Fee is paid in full at time of registration, not prorated, no matter what time in the Academic Year you join.
  • Teacher Compensation Fee:  $25 per month + $25 Per Semester for Supply Fees (due in Sept. & January).
  • All Fees are due at registration, before your first class begins.

ACADEMIC YEAR:  The Academic Year for all LLAA Divisions (Academic, Remote & Outreach) shall begin in September in one calendar and end in May of the following calendar year. All Registration, Administration & Teacher Fees correspond to and are charged and paid according to the Academic Year. The Academic Year at LLAA does not run from January to January of the same calendar year.

To register or if you have questions, call (630) 272-9021.