Liberty Liberal Arts Academy Liberty Liberal Arts Academy

Academic Enrollment Requirement


Each student must enroll in at least 3 classes per year which will also fulfill at least 3 "core" credits per year. Core classes are listed on our most recent year's "classes" page. 

If you enroll in a multi-credit core course, you will still be required to fulfill our 3 class/3 core class requirement.

Example: if you enroll in 1 dual credit History/English literature class, 1 Foreign Language class, and 1 Science class, you have met the 3 class/3 core requirement because all 3 classes are core classes.

Example: if you enroll in 1 History class, 1 English/literature class, and 1 Music or Art class, you have NOT met the 3 class/3 core requirement because Music & Art are electives, not core classes. You would need to add another core class.

Example: If you enroll in 1 dual credit History/English class, that will count for 2 core credits, but only 1 class. You would be required to enroll in 2 more classes: 1 core and 1 core or elective.

3 Core Exception: New high school senior transfer-ins who have a transcript from an accredited public or private school showing all but 1 or 2 core classes for Senior year have been met. That incoming Student would be required to take the core classes that remain outstanding but would still be required to enroll in 3 classes at LLAA to meet our 3 class requirement.

LLAA does not accept as credits any classes from co-ops, enrichment programs or social organizations, or workshops.

Sample Core Classes at LLAA: History, Geography/Cultural Geography, English/Literature/Writing, Science (with or without a lab), Mathematics, Social Studies, Historical Wars, Consumer Ed/Math/Science, Psychology, Business Law, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, Logic, Foreign Languages & ASL Sign Language, Driver's Ed, Health & Nutrition, Home Economics/Cooking/Sewing/Shop, US Constitution/Civics, Speech/Communication/Debate, Physical Ed, multi-subject Kindergarten, and all classes required by the State of IL Bd. of Ed for High School.

The 3-hour LLAA Kindergarten satisfies the 3 Core/3 Class requirement for registration.