Liberty Liberal Arts Academy™

Liberty's Model of Education

Liberty is a private rigorous academy of learning for 1st through 12th grades. Our education model incorporates high-quality instruction and a high level of Student and Parental involvement at home.

Liberty provides a Classical Model of Education in core and fine arts studies for Christian children. 

Liberty issues credits for completed classes, academic grades, official transcripts, and diplomas.

Liberty does not accept credits or transcripts from homeschoolers, homeschool workshops, or homeschool enrichment programs.

Liberty's Model of Education:

  • Each class is 50 minutes in duration.
  • Students and their Parents jointly commit to spending at least 1 hour per day, per credit received in the class, on homework with the understanding that if the work is not completed, Liberty will not issue the credit.
  • Our highly qualified out-of-the-box but 'old-school' instruction is tailored for many learning types. 
  • Our Academic Year is 32 weeks. We get more actual learning accomplished in these 32 weeks than in most public schools.
  • We meet and in most cases exceed the IL Bd of Education requirements for high school graduation.
  • We do not allow Institute Days or other non-essential days off.
  • We do not issue half-credits. Students must complete the entire year to receive their credits.
  • Our core classes are central and promote a Classical learning environment: Reading/Writing, English/Literature, Mathematics, Science, History/Government/Social Studies, Foreign Languages, Logic/Critical Thinking, Economics, Speech/Debate.
  • At Liberty, more is not necessarily better. We believe that complete learning and comprehension of a subject can be accomplished with just enough of the right teaching and curriculum. Too much busywork does not ensure learning. It clutters the mind. It entices Students to cram instead of absorb, ponder, and retain. We won’t overload you with unnecessary classes, curriculum, or busywork. During family holiday vacation times, we try our best to allow you to have that much-needed family time without homework or daunting projects.
  • Liberty's "Students as Servants Club" engages Students in hands-on service to others. Student participation is required.
  • All Families & Teachers sign our Statement of Christian Faith and require a Pastor's Letter of Reference.
  • Please contact Liberty for Tuition & Registration fees for the 2019-2020 Academic Year


Everything we do at Liberty Encompasses our Mission Statement:

Educating Outside the Box & Inside the Church™:  Christian Learning, Following God, Serving Others